Is it possible to eat food every day, never shit  and be physically healthy? Of course not. Similarly we cannot live in this intense world inundating us with stimulation, expect to not have our EMOTIONS move through us, and be emotionally healthy.  

Our culture is funded by an economy teaching us to consume and distract ourselves rather than learn how to have our emotions. We are taught that we need to look happy and perfect instead of reveal that we are human with emotional pain. This leads to addiction, depression, anxiety, and sometimes devastating crises. This is unnecessary. We can become so skillful with having emotional pain that it is no big deal, no bigger deal than pooping. Welcome to your emotional potty training!  Enter the Healing Feeling Shit Show!

Welcome to the Feelings Movement!

The first season of HFSS will launch on Rachel’s birthday February 6, 2019 on all platforms where podcasts are found.  This season includes: step by step how to’s on how to move your feelings, heal yourself, and create emotional resilience: the new happy.  There will be excerpts from over six hours of client interviews about the life changing healing work, live unscripted therapy, and hilarious poop stories each episode! Learn to feel your feelings as easily as you take a shit!  Heal yourself, rock your life!


Check out this awesome behind the scenes video of the making of the Jingle, directed by Rachel, executed by Sarah Larson, HFSS’s amazing assistant!


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