Healing Feeling Shit Show Podcast

Healing Feeling Shit Show is a fun and life-changing guide toward creating REAL well being, and EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE: The New Happy.   Episodes are heart-felt, instructive, w/ unscripted therapy, interviews, and poop stories. Welcome to the feelings movement!

Could you be healthy if you eat food every day, but never poop? Of course not. Similarly, we can’t be emotionally healthy if we live in the world trying not to have painful feelings. You’ve tried medicating feelings with success, validation, and distraction and still feel like an imposter. Learn what works!

Healing Feeling Shit Show Podcast  on Spotify

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Through HFSS, Rachel’s mission is to:

  • Dismantle and reduce the pervasive societal shame about having emotional pain.
  • Offer helpful tools and practices to support people having their emotions in ways that helps them heal the wound of never feeling like enough and imposter syndrome.
  • Facilitate illuminating dialogue with experts on healing for the purpose of supporting listener’s emotional shit show at home.
  • Have fun since pain is nothing to hide or avoid, but rather something to get so effective with that self trust, emotional resilience and authentic expression naturally emerge!!!
  • It’s so fun. Come Along. Join the Feelings Movement!


Healing Feeling Shit Show Podcast on Spotify

The Healing Feeling Sh*t Show Podcast

Season 1

Season 1, has step by step how to’s on moving your feelings to heal yourself, and create emotional resilience: the new happy. Hear client interviews about life changing healing work, unscripted therapy, and hilarious poop stories each episode! Learn to feel your feelings as easily as you take a shit! Heal yourself, rock your life! Listen Now.

Season 2

Season 2, has 44 episodes of FANTASTIC interview with experts on healing, and unscripted live therapy you can voyeur on, listening to Rachel work, and getting another human story to feel along side your own. Learn to feel your feelings as easily as you take a shit! Heal yourself, rock your life!
Listen Now.

Healing Feeling Shit Show Podcast Season 1
Healing Feeling Shit Show Podcast Season 2


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