February 6, 2019

HFSS Episode 1 All Aboard the Feelings Movement!

Welcome aboard the Feelings Movement!  Is it possible that studying what you do when you get that feeling that you need to go poop could be the single most instructive way to heal yourself, cultivate self love, and have the satisfying life of your dreams?  It’s true.  As easy as pooping. Chances are, that no matter how blessed your life is, you suffer with challenges of anxiety, depression, and imposter syndrome which is the natural outcome of living in a world that teaches us to distract and consume rather than actually FEEL OUR FEELINGS.  Having dedicated 25 years to healing herself from a devastating tragedy and others, Rachel Kaplan, MA, MFT has created this fun, informative, and effective transformational course within a podcast, where you can cultivate true well being and Emotional Resilience:  the new happy.  This first episode places this work within a culture, and therapeutic movement. You will meet Rachel, Scott, her amazing sound engineer and musician, and hear from the six client voices that will be woven throughout this fun and transformational journey. Plus, hear the first of many hilarious poop stories. For more info, or to purchase the entire first season all at once so you can pace your own healing sh*t show, go to http://www.healingfeelingsh-tshow.com


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