Rachel Kaplan, licensed psychotherapist in practice for 16 years, has been relentlessly studying the healing path since she was a young teenager when a tragedy ravaged her sense of normalcy and sent her desperately seeking healing.  By 18, emotional healing was the focus of her high-school honors project. She then pursued Eastern Religions and Spirituality academically in undergraduate, living in Nepal and India. She studied Western psychological methodologies in graduate school receiving her masters in Counseling Psychology.  On top of this world spanning journey, she brings 19 years of teaching yoga, extensive training in cutting edge therapeutic modalities, thousands of psychotherapy sessions, and exposure to all kinds of alternative healing modalities. Through all of this exploration, Rachel feels she uncovered the most basic and absolutely necessary tenant of emotional healing.  HFSS is the fun, informative, and life-changing offering of that core tenant.


Through HFSS, Rachel’s mission is to:

*Dismantle and reduce the pervasive societal shame about having emotional pain.

*Offer helpful tools and practices to support people having their emotions in ways that helps them heal the wound of never feeling like enough and imposter syndrome.

*Facilitate illuminating dialogue with experts on healing for the purpose of supporting listener’s emotional shit show at home.

*Have fun since pain is nothing to hide or avoid, but rather something to get so effective with that self trust, emotional resilience and authentic expression naturally emerge!!!

It’s so fun.  Come Along. Join the Feelings Movement!