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Complete Season 1 Immediate Course

First Ever Guided Journey through the Sh*t Show

  • Each week you will be assigned two of the episodes.  For those of you who have listened once through, you will be asked to do it again, fresh.
  • Each Friday, we will have two hours of zoom group time.  Once the group amasses we will find the right time for these calls but likely they will be between the hours of 1 PM and 3PM PST.  The calls will be recorded for listening/watching later. 
  • You will receive worksheets that correspond with each episode that will prompt you to reflect on different aspects of your healing work.  You will take these answers to your insight partner.
  • You will have a weekly call with your insight partner who will be assigned to you once you join. (though you could encourage your friend to do it with you and you can request a pairing)
  • You will have an initial 50 minute session with me where we will look at your specific situation, challenges, upbringing, and wounding to help you personalize the work. These sessions can and will be done during the month of October leading up to the course or in the first week of the course. 
  • You will have email access to me during the weeks (each person is granted a total of up to an hour of time spent corresponding)
  • You will have a closure session with me where we will help you evaluate your progress and craft a laboratory or self test experiment that we will check back on your progress within 6-8 weeks of closing the group.


Value of Course and Course Costs

 Here is the Value of what you get.  

This is based on my current fee of $200 for 50 minutes.  ($100 for group work)

                                                  Overall Value $4,200

  • Individual Assessment Session                                       Value  $200
  • 12 hours of live weekly Group Therapy/Q & A               Value  $2400
  • Directed Insight Episode Process                                    Value  $600
  • Email Access to Rachel (limited to one hour weekly)     Value $1200
  • Individual Closure/Progress Session                                Value $200
  • Follow up Laboratory/Self Test Session                           Value $200

Cost of Overall Course

Early Bird Rate if Pay in Full by September 15                              $1500

Early Bird Rate for Payment in 2 halves by September 15            $1600

Rate between 9/1 and 11/1 if pay in full                                          $1700

Rate between 9/1/ and 11/1 if pay in two halves                            $1800

The first four people to sign up will get a fourth session complementary!!!!!  Yup!  That’s right. 🙂

Call 415 845-5200 or
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to snag your spot.
Let's get this Sh*t Show going!

Pricing Options

Individual Therapy With Rachel

Have your own personal guide and catalyst through your own healing journey with weekly individual therapy with Rachel.  This can be in person, on the phone, FaceTime, or even zoom.   There are not many openings in her schedule.  Feel free to email or call with more questions.  50 minute hourly fee:  $200

Fridays are for Feelings:
Corporate Emotional Potty-Training

Let’s face it, everyone deals with feelings at work, like it or not.  The more a company or team creates an environment where feelings aren’t allowed, the more pressured and paralyzed employees will feel.  Being able to have our feelings move through us increases creativity, productivity and overall happiness.  Don’t you want creative, productive, and happy employees?

Bring Rachel into your company for an all day Feeling Friday and help create a more supportive environment that helps people feel seen as the complex emotional beings they are. She will uses speed, sharpness, insight, and humor, along side years as a teacher, psychotherapist, and healer, to increase the emotional intelligence of your team or your company.  Contact Rachel with questions on pricing and availability.  Only available on Fridays because Fridays are for Feelings! 😉

Core Wound Tool -Kit!


This amazing tool gives you access to all of the information you need to dive right into healing your core wounds and moving your feelings of (anger, sadness, fear, and shame through your body!)  Videos, lists, and episodes are included. Click here or button below for more info and to purchase.